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Corn Cordial (Husk, Silk, Core and Corn)

This is the kind of recipe I like to call a Single Ingredient Ingredient!

An ingredient made from 1 single fruit, vegetable, or piece of produce. In this case an entire corn.

For this ingredient, we'll be using everything plus Sugar and Water to make Corn Cordial.

A cordial is basically a watered-down syrup which in some cases can be a liqueur. It's not as dense as a regular syrup, which means that you can add more amounts to your cocktails to increase the volume and regulate the sweetness. The ratio for this recipe will be a 2:1 Liquid to Sugar.

Make sure you have the following to make roughly 275ml of Cordial:

- 1 Whole Corn

- 500ml Water

- 125ml Sugar

- 1/2 Teaspoon of Salt

- Blender

- Strainer

Step 1

Make a Corn Stock

The first step is to remove the husks and silk from the cob. Put them in a pot and leave them on the side for now.

You'll be left with the corn and the cob.

Slice off all the corn using a serrated knife. Save the corn for later.

Chop the leftover cob into chunks so that it will cook more evenly.

Throw it in the pot along with the silk and husk.

Add around 500ml of water and bring everything to a simmer with a closed lid.

Here we will be making a Corn Stock which can be used as a base for making corn chowders and other soups.

But we want dranks! So simmer everything for 1 to 2 hours checking to make sure that not all of the stock over-evaporates.

Let it reduce by half so that you're left with 250ml of stock.

Once everything is cooked you'll be left with a yellowish water which smells and tastes just like corn! Strain everything to remove the solids so that all your left with is the liquid stock.

While it's still hot, pour in 125ml of sugar and 1 Teaspoon of Sea Salt. Remember that your sugar should be half the total amount of stock (so for every 100ml of Stock put 50g of Sugar).

Part 2

Save Your Husks!

Save the leftover husks that were used to make the stock.

Remove them, wash them underwater, and let them dry out for a couple of days until they are slightly dry but still malleable.

You can even put them in a dehydrator or oven with the fan on to dry them out quickly. Just make sure to do it only for just a few minutes at the lowest setting.

You want the husks to be dry but not so dry that they crack. They should be reasonably flexible.

These can be saved to wrap around glassware as a biodegradable decoration. The cocktail made for this post shows an example of it.

Part 3

Blend Corn and Stock Together

Take your corn and toast it for 5 minutes on a hot pan. Toasting it will release more color so that the final result of your cordial will be a darker shade of yellow. Make sure that you don't over toast them and turn them brown.

Put you toasted corn and stock into a blender.

Blend everything together until the corn is finely crushed making sure it's turned almost into mush.

Filter out all the solids from the liquid and you will be left with your Corn Cordial! It's that easy.

This is an ingredient that is perfect for adding Corn Flavor, Sweetness, and Texture to your drinks!

It's bright yellow color might not shine with other intense ingredients, so if you want the color to stand out, you'll have to use ingredients that have delicate shades.

When it comes to mixing it into drinks, I suggest you pour somewhere between 15ml and 30ml depending on what you decide to balance it with.


Corn cordial tastes intensely like corn on its own, but when mixed into drinks, it seems to lose a lot of its flavor. You can prevent this by avoiding mixing it with Lemon and Lime juice. These highly acidic ingredients seem to cover up the flavor profile too much.

Instead, try to use dairy like milk, cream, or yogurt to balance its sweetness.

Opt for drinks with liqueurs and bitters instead of acids.

The cocktail mentioned below is a perfect example, using a twist on an Alexander.

The Alexander is an after-dinner cocktail that focuses more on the sweet side. I serve mine in a 3oz/90ml size glass so that it's just enough to hit the spot and not be too much to handle for the palette.

What a great drink to end the evening with!

Candy Corn

I hate the taste of Candy Corn, and I know most you love it or hate it.

However, this drink is pretty dam good and it somehow resembles the flavor without that artificial aftertaste.

Maybe that's why I enjoy this drink so much! 😅


  • 30ml Gin

  • 20ml Corn Cordial

  • 5ml Creme de Cacao

  • 1 Barspoon Greek Yoghurt

  • Garnish with grated dark chocolate.

  • Decorate with dried corn husk.

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