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Transforming Bartenders into

Sustainable bartenders


To teach bartenders how to transform leftover food scraps into beverage ingredients for the purpose of ending food waste in the hospitality industry.



By using leftover food products,  you'll be able to create simple syrups, cordials, liqueurs, and sodas for: cocktails, mocktails, shakes, and smoothies.

the Vision

It's for the health of the people and the planet. By coming up with new innovative ways as a global community, we will put an end to food waste and make every bartender and restaurant sustainable.

Citrus Feast
Pretty Cocktail


Through extensive experience, Sustainable Bartender is focused on helping bars and bartenders create delicious sustainable cocktails as well as providing strategies to monetize more and waste less.

Need help creating sustainable cocktails or just cocktails in general? We have years of experience creating original and innovative cocktails for venues that will help you stand out, represent your brand and make good margins for your venue!

Need help moving towards a more sustainable bar? Talk with one of our specialists to help you make the right moves towards saving more and spending less. Find out all the inside hacks and tricks that can help you and your community.

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